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As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for You, O God. Psalm 42:1

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Bible Study is on Vacation for the month of August. Join us on Tuesday, September 6th for a brand new IN-PERSON tea……

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Hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is an important way to prevent the spread of illness in t……

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Getting back into the swing of things is hard to do at the beginning of a new school year. If you start a week or……

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We are collecting backpacks and pencils for children who are experiencing homelessness. Donations can be brought t……

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Do you desire to be baptized? Baptism will be held in the NBC parking lot in our mobile baptism pool. It will be on……

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Today is a gift! Happy Monday.

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When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. Isaiah 43……

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We are streaming live RIGHT NOW!!! Join us and tag a friend. We’ll Be Waiting For YOU!

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The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.

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Join us tomorrow in-person or online for Women’s Emphasis Sunday. Our service times are 9am and 11am. Don’t forget……

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Saturday has arrived! What’s on your to do list today? #HappySaturday

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Enjoy a clip of this Friday Flashback from 2014 when Pastor preached a powerful message titled, “Power of A Dime.”……

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Move forward, good things are up ahead!

NewBeginningsChurch @NBCC_Ministries

Happy Friday! Enjoy your day!

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If you would like to join New Beginnings, the Virtual Connect Institute will be held on August 13th from 9am until……

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Guess who’s having a birthday! We want to celebrate our awesome Pastor and shepherd of New Beginnings! Feel free to……

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Just in case you need to be reminded today of some of the promises of God.

NewBeginningsChurch @NBCC_Ministries

Please lift up in prayer the Women’s Retreat Team and everyone who will be traveling to Savannah, Georgia today for……

NewBeginningsChurch @NBCC_Ministries

When life is easy - PRAY. When life is tough – PRAY. When life is confusing – PRAY. When life is challenging – PRAY……

08/07/2022 - Sunday Message

07/31/2022- "Divine Increase: The Secret to Kingdom Success"

07/26/2022 Bible Study -" Motives For Giving: Why Your Giving May Not Be Working"

07/24/2022 -"Spontaneous Giving: The Work Of The Spirit"

7/19/2022 Bible Study - "Kingdom Finance: 9 Principles Of Biblical Financial Management" PART 2

07/17/2022-" The Purpose And Power Of The Love Offering: The Law Of Giving And Receiving"

07/12/2022 Bible Study | "Kingdom Finance: 9 Principles Of Biblical Financial Management" PART 1

07/10/2022- " First Fruit Giving:Living The Blessed Life"

07/05/2022 Bible Study -"Kingdom Finance: 7 Ways Finances Improve In The Kingdom Of God" PART 2

07/03/2022-" Preparation For Increase: The Power Of A Dime"

06/28/2022 Bible Study - " Kingdom Finance" PART1

06/26/2022 "Impact Prayers In the Time of Trouble: He Can Do It!"- Rev. Dr. Michael L. Henderson Sr.

06/21/2022- Is Christianity Racist? Dr. H.C. Felder

06/19/2022-"The Impact Of A Father's Love: The Parallel Of God And Godly Fathers"

06/14/2022-" Keys To The Kingdom: 8 Ways To Use Keys To The Kingdom" PART 2

06/12/2022- The Greatest Desire Of Jesus: Becoming An Answer To Jesus' Prayer Request"-PART 2

06/7/2022-" The Miraculous Ministry of Prophet Elijah" (Bible Study)

06/05/2022- "The Greatest Desire Of Jesus: Becoming An Answer To Jesus' Prayer Request"

05/31/2022-" Keys To The Kingdom: 8 Ways to Use The Keys To The Kingdom "

05/29/2022-" Kingdom Connection:Declaration Of God's Identity" PART 3-Rev.

05/24/2022-" Keys To The Kingdom: The Kingdom Of God"-PART 4

05/22/2022-"Kingdom Connection: Declaration of God’s Identity" Part 2 - Rev. Dr. Michael L. Hender

05/17/2022-" Keys To The Kingdom: The Cost Of Living In The Kingdom" PART 3- Rev. Dr. Michael L. Hen

05/15/2022-"Kingdom Connection: Declaration of God’s Identity"-Rev. Dr. Michael L. Henderson Sr.

05/10/2022-" Keys To The Kingdom: The Cost Of Living In The Kingdom"-PART 2

05/08/2022-"Mama Said: The Wisest Words Of Any Mother"-Rev. Dr. Twanna Henderson

05/03/2022-“The Cost Of Living In The Kingdom”

05/01/2022-“How Often Should I Pray About The Same Thing? The Power Of Repetition”

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