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"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, this person is a new creation; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come." - 2 Corinthians 5:17




Why Choose NBC Membership via the Online Campus?

It is God’s desire for you to connect with a church and fellowship with other believers. Sometimes, certain circumstances don’t allow you to connect in-person or you may feel more comfortable attending church in a virtual setting. If that’s you, the Anywhere Online Campus (AOC) of New Beginnings Church is an available option for you.




Benefits of Membership via the Online Campus

  • Receive regular updates about all NBC happenings, including opportunities to vote during church business meetings
  • Actively participate in NBC ministries, life groups and outreach activities
  • Access to all member privileges such as weddings, funerals and counseling per NBC policies
  • Enjoy special events just for AC members
  • Benefit from being under the spiritual covering of Pastor Michael L. Henderson


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If you need assistance, please email



Question:  What is the NBC Anywhere Online Campus?
Answer:  The NBC Online Campus (AOC) at New Beginnings Church is a multimedia-driven church community for those who are geographically or otherwise prohibited from in-person access to the Church. The AC is not a church offering. It is a New Beginnings Church Campus with the same mission of the brick and mortar church—to COME to Church, GROW in the Word, SERVE on a Ministry, GO to Others.


Question: Who can become a member of NBC through the AOC?
Answer:   NBC membership via the Online Campus is available to anyone who desires to attend church virtually.


Question: When will NBC begin offering online membership?
Answer:  NBC will begin offering membership via the AOC on Sunday, September 19, 2021. 


Question: What does NBC membership through the AOC include?
Answer:  Members who attend NBC via the AOC have access to all member privileges such as weddings, funerals and counseling per NBC policies.


Question: How do I become an NBC member through the AOC?
Answer: Complete the Membership Contact Form via the “My Decision” link on the website, call the church office at 704-567-2900, or send an email to An NBC Membership Counselor will follow up with a phone call.


Question: Can I be a member of my local church and a member of the Online Campus at NBC?
Answer:  You can be a member of your local church and participate in NBC worship services and other events via the AOC. Conversely, you can be a member of NBC and also serve a local church. However, membership cannot be held at two churches.


Question: Is there a cost for membership?
Answer: No, there is no cost for membership. 


Question: If I’m already an NBC member who’s interested in attending services online, would I have to transfer my membership to the Online Campus?
Answer: No, there is no need to transfer membership. The online campus is an extension of NBC’s physical campuses. Whether you are designated as a physical campus member or an online campus member, there is only one NBC membership. 


Question: Can I be a member of both the physical campus and Online Campus at the same time?
Answer: Yes, there is only one NBC membership.  


Question: How is online membership different from online viewership?
Answer: A person has completed the necessary requirements to obtain membership at NBC. 


Question: Is it biblical to be a member of an online church? Does it fulfill the Hebrews 10:25 mandate?
Answer: Yes, the Hebrews 10:25 mandate is more about coming together than about the means by which people assemble together. God’s intention is that believers operate in community with one another. This can be achieved several ways, including virtually.


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